Terms & conditions

Legal Disclaimer

1. Prediction is the spiritual guidance and cannot be used for any legal purpose.

2. Prediction is for better use of your favorable time for an event and to be cautious at the unfavourable time.

3. You may or may not believe on the prediction, the decision is solely depends on you.

4. Astrology is the probability of occuring an event in a certain period of time, the actual happenings may differ according to the accuracy of the date, time and place of birth provided.

5. Prediction is totally dependend on your karma, and may change accordingly.

6. Prediction for sex determination and lottery and for any illegal activity is not entertained.

7. Subjected to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India  jurisdiction only.

8. Fee once paid is non refundable as the nature of work does not allow to do so.

9. Answers will be the outcome of hidden detailed analysis done behind each question and will be to the point short descriptive.

10. Privacy is maintained at each Level.

11. You should wait for reply as per delivery policy mensioned.